The MochaBox Mission
To provide great tasting coffee to every customer, every day.

What is MochaBox?

MochaBox is a specialty coffee company whose products and services represent Coffee & Culture.

The Story:

Our story began in 2015.  During that time, we had a vision to provide customers with coffee made by roasters throughout the US.  Newcomers to the coffee industry, we were completely unaware of the lack of African-American representation within this large community.  We instantly realized that we wanted to change this narrative by being a loud voice within a market where coffee is primarily sourced from regions dominated by people of color.  MochaBox Coffee Company quickly evolved into a full service micro coffee roastery.  

Today, we are fortunate to have connected with thousands of coffee drinkers that look like us through special events, markets, and pop-ups.  

The Name:

Our company name was inspired by the port city of Mocha, which is located off the coast of Yemen. During the 15th through 17th centuries, "Mocha" was known as the premier marketplace for coffee. The city of Mocha was also known for its coffee beans having a distinct, high quality, and unique flavor. In fact, it is widely believed that this was where Marco Polo first discovered coffee during his journey around the world!


At MochaBox, we believe that everyone deserves to drink great coffee!