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MochaBox Mission
To Influence the world with great coffee, one cup at a time.

What is MochaBox?

MochaBox is a specialty coffee distributor whose products and services represent integrity, authenticity, and collaboration.

The Story:

Born and Raised in Detroit, MI, these two good friends since college, have always been amazed with the energy that coffee brought when we needed a boost. Whether it was a late night study session, or an early morning class, we found that coffee was a great energizer. The same holds true today. As busy managers in Corporate America, husbands, and parents, we see the important role that coffee has played in our daily lives. Through the years, we have learned the importance of quality, convenience, and affordability. So, we decided to bring these values to the world of Coffee. Enter MochaBox. Coffee has been a part of our lives for as long as we can remember. And most likely yours too! From the late night projects in college, to the early morning meetings we face in Corporate America today, coffee has and will always be a part of us.

The Name:

Our company name was inspired by the port city of Mocha, which is located off the coast of Yemen. During the 15th through 17th centuries, "Mocha" was known as the premier marketplace for coffee. The city of Mocha was also known for its coffee beans having a distinct, high quality, and unique flavor. In fact, it is widely believed that this was where Marco Polo first discovered coffee during his journey around the world!

The Vision:

At MochaBox, we believe that everyone deserves to drink great coffee!